The day started off poorly – not enough rest, grumpy 3-year-old, husband leaving for business trip. Fed the animals, made the coffee, matched some socks and sat down to write. Brain stuck. I clicked around on the internet for a while, read a little scripture and still felt a little off. Not a bad mood necessarily, but definitely, well, disenchanted. Ever have one of those days? A funk moves in, sometimes for no particular reason, and it sets the stage for the rest of the day. Come on, somebody! But here’s what I did and you can, too – it’s making all the difference. Worship. I clicked on Pandora and Awaken Me by Jesus Culture starts to play. As the very first notes reached my ears, I could feel my body relaxing, my spirit lifting. In true Pavlovian response, my perspective and attitude was immediately and radically altered. There is absolutely nothing more powerful in your set of spiritual weapons than worship. Don’t waste another moment in a position that is not beneficial – move into a position of gratitude and peace and watch your world change! Or, at least your Monday.



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