My son and I are both on ventures to move our lives forward. He is potty training, and I am finally ready to get back my pre-baby body. As he is nearing the age to start being a “big boy,” I am nearing the age where I really need to jump on board the fitness train.

Neither goal is easy. It’s simple, and yet it’s never truly easy, learning a new discipline. For myself, it’s about making time for me again. Loving myself enough to create margin. My motivation? A trip with my husband to San Diego. For my son, he wants to play baseball like daddy. Both of us have set our goals before, but we have finally found our motivation.

What keeps you from getting to where you want to be? What will it take for you to say enough is enough, and move forward? Be inspired, you can do it! Set that dream before you and just go for it! Find your motivation and soar!!


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