I started thinking this morning about some pretty big things I am believing God for; many of which have been in my prayers for years. After an amazing time of worship on Wednesday night, our pastor called for a fast, and, sharing in his feeling that it’s a season for breakthrough, I am participating.

What really struck me this morning is how double minded I have been.

Certain areas of my faith walk have allowed wiggle room for weakness of conviction, and my disappointment and feelings of helplessness have slowly snuck into the nooks and crannies of my spiritual reality.

You see, we cannot say to one that we are “believing God” for something, when we look at our spouse or ourselves in the mirror, and have fear. Prayers of pleading, instead of declarations of victory and faith, create an environment where fear prevails and pushes out any hope of seeds of hope to grow. What we speak into our atmosphere, our homes, or over our lives, will take root. Created in God’s image, we are to speak life over our circumstances. When He created the world, He didn’t merely think about how nice it would be to see green pastures, or say, “gee, I really hope an ocean rises up over here…” But rather He commanded the existence of His creativity and “hopes” into His surroundings.

My hypocrisy ends today. No longer will I choose any words other than those which speak to the hopes, dreams and faith in my heart. Imagine if we all chose to speak the solution rather than the problem. I am supremely excited to start seeing my mountains move….




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