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“Baseball is my life!”

My son made this declaration on Thursday as we were headed to practice. It made me smile a bit, as his father, I knew, would be absolutely thrilled to hear such enthusiasm for what in a way, is also, his, life. In this current season, I can think of no truer statement for my sweet 7-year-old, as all he wants to do at home is practice catching and hitting and running the bases… He wears his baseball hat to school every day as well as his batting gloves. If any one thing consumed his mind right now, it would be the game.

His statement immediately got my spirit stirring, for each of us has a “thing.” Some of us know what it is; a sport, hobby, relationship, work…self…alcohol…nature…school…parties…movies…porn…books…an assortment of vices including fear and lack of motivation…

To be perfectly honest, we all have a “thing” that consumes us, even if we think we don’t. Our thing is what defines us. It’s what influences our decisions, flavors our conversations, and steers our motivations.

Over the years, I have been frustrated, longing for a defining something to call my own. To say is mine. In my spare time, however, I would most often prefer to pray and read, or spend time talking about life with a friend over a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Relationship has always been the most important thing to me, above any other time-consuming activity.

My relationship with Christ and those He loves, is my thing.

By some, I’ve been criticized for my devotion to my church. Critiqued in the execution of my faith. Chastised for my decisions in parenting. At the end of the day, however, they have all been rooted in my thing.

(Side note – not everyone will understand it, and that’s okay!)

He’s in my thoughts. My prayers. My decisions. If I am feeling out of balance or indecisive, it is always linked to a deficiency in time spent with Him. When my faith is wavering, if I start walking in my own strength, the domino effect changes every other area of my life. My faith does not begin Sunday morning and end by lunch time, it is who I am every day of my life. Even when it’s not.

What propels you? Stirs your heart and gets you out of bed? What motivates you to do that which you know you should, even when you don’t want to? Is your own thing enough to ignite your soul and fuel your passions?

Don’t like your thing? Change it. Need to make it more a priority? Adjust it. Want to intertwine your interests with your inspirations? Mix away. Realizing you are needing to abolish that which is keeping you from your truest passion? Eradicate it. There is no truer or deeper joy than in discovering and living in the fullness of who you are created to be.

Make your purpose, your life!






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