negative freedom

A friend told me recently that he had noticed that I was no longer posting “negative” things on Facebook. What followed was some dialogue about those who vent about specific people and situations in a public forum. While some might “think” they know what the posts are about, I think more assumptions are made than not.

We have all done it. I have. Made generalized statements about specific situations, or specific situations that apply to the general public. But more often than not, many of my comments have been on behalf of what someone else is going through, or several someone’s are. And, I am not sure they have been as negative as some might perceive.

Take today. One statement to grace my page was – “As much wisdom as mom may have, your best friend, or the “experts,” never underestimate the power of sifting, praying & listening to that quiet voice in your own spirit when it comes to the details of raising your kids. Each one is a hand-crafted original, with a specific & unique destiny. And, YOU are the mama/daddy hand-picked by God to be the parent your child needs. Trust the process.”

Now, if I was struggling with my mom, you might come to the conclusion that this was a passive-aggressive approach to venting or to shutting her up. Or, if you yourself face a pride issue, you might see similar nuances in my verbalizations. But, since I am not, nor am I struggling with any such issues currently, you could come to the conclusion that I was trying to be an encouragement to those who struggle with endless guilt and confusion about their own parenting journey.

Historically, if someone has taken offense or taken a shot, by or at one of my posts, I have cringed and deleted. My heart is never, ever to offend. However, more often than not, my inbox will contain a “thank you” from someone who has been encouraged or felt freedom after such a post. Or, at least, has felt that someone else can begin to understand what they are walking out.

Perspective is a beautiful and vital thing. More important, however, is motivation. Never allow another person’s misinterpretation, misunderstanding, or misguided correction derail you from sharing what might help another. Even if it’s negative…


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