never perfect…but enough

There is a plaque that hangs outside my front door which reads, “Peace I give you. My peace I leave with you.” To be perfectly honest, I think Jesus said it, but am not sure. I just know it’s in the bible. Frankly, and I don’t tell many people, but I got it at the dollar store. I am not certain how it ended up there – it’s really very  nicely made; stoneware, hand-painted, and one of my favorite things. I grabbed it while purchasing papers plates and napkins for a birthday party and it now welcomes and blesses all those who enter and leave through my front entry. Charming really. But, if I were to again be frank, peace has eluded me for quite some time. Oh sure, it comes in when I am worshiping, in my bible, sharing a coffee with a friend or a good book, but for the most part, it hasn’t been an active presence in my moment-to-moment. So this afternoon, as I finished watering my planters in the front yard, I paused and really just stared at that beautiful reminder, for quite some time. There was a gentle breeze and my wind chimes were singing me a happy, childhood-memory melody. And there, on my front porch, I found peace. See, while Jesus came to convict and to redirect, He mostly came to bring peace. Healing. Love. Forgiveness. We are actually called to live “peaceful lives,” in the bible, and I want to now walk in that. It might take adding a few things and subtracting a few others, but it’s time that this woman begins to walk in peace. Fullness. Complete joy. Triumph in the day-to-day…. Breathing deeply, even now, I am grateful for the deep, abiding grace and authentic joy that my Jesus brings. Life will never be perfect, but His love in my life?? Well, it’s enough… Shalom.


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