once upon a bloom

The woman who lived in this house before us had planted a bountiful garden – all brilliantly spaced and timed perfectly so that just as one plant was nearing the end of its bloom, a new one began to come into season. Over the past four years, there have been some which have returned every season, while others have not bloomed again. Where there is now death or stagnation, I have begun to plan for new plants to fill the spaces no longer thriving.

As this year unfolds, I am experiencing gaps in my life previously filled with other things. Work, personal development, relationships, even my study of the bible, have all shifted in different ways. Being human, my desire to control what comes in and out of my life has driven many of my decisions and fueled sometimes intense emotion. I have a strong inclination towards maintaining status quo, and change is, as for many, an extraordinarily uncomfortable experience.

I long for what was once blooming to remain.

In recent weeks, the Lord has been speaking to my heart, and in my quiet time today I began to feel a shift. While growth is a lifelong process, I can feel myself turning a corner towards something new. Releasing what is no longer beneficial, clearing out the leaves and dried blossoms from the season of winter, I can now see just a bit more clearly the plan for the new garden the Lord has called me to plant.

We simply cannot hope to remain the same, and believe that where we are today is all we are created for. Releasing our ideas and goals into the hand of the Creator, and seeking His wisdom in the design for our lives, is crucial if we want to live to the greatest of our capacity. It is no longer a season for trial and error, and we are all being called into a fresh season of greater intentionality in planning, sowing, planting, and subsequently reaping.

May your year be one of diligence, and pursuit of all God has for you.



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