one prayer at a time.

Last year my then-kindergartner was having a very difficult time with another little girl in her class. They had a mutual best friend, and the competition was getting extremely negative. My daughter was coming home hurt daily and I did have a few occasions to witness some of the behaviors going on. To be honest, I wasn’t quite certain what to do outside of pray and continue teaching my child the importance of loving others, not responding in anger, and using her words to try and graciously create harmony. It was a rough season. So difficult that at the end of the year when we were looking at which classes to put her into for 1st grade, I was seriously considering denying her request to take the block class with the other girls and the elective classes she had been invited to take with her friends.

After much consideration and prayer, I did enroll her in classes with her friends. The very first day of class didn’t bring much promise, and I was unsure if I had made a good choice or not. But she and I kept praying and the relationship began to turn. Good reports began coming home and I was encouraged.

Yesterday, I watched as my daughter joyfully made a gift for her one-time adversary. She lovingly chose things from the gifts on hand to add to the bag of goodies. Her new friend is moving away and my daughter is extremely sad to see her go. She has worked out on her United States map how far away they will be from one another, and has been sharing her desire to keep in contact with her. How much she will miss her.

You see, God answers prayer. He hears the desires of our hearts and in His time, unfolds a response. Even in the small things, God wants to show Himself big. Do not be dismayed or deterred by His timing, for it is perfect. Never be discouraged with His answer, perhaps this way is better. We cannot see our lives at a whole, but He can. Trust that the good work He has started in you, He will finish. One prayer at a time.


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