open the blinds

Living on a lake, we have these seven, long, beautiful windows facing south. In the summertime, we often have the cloth shades drawn to try and keep the house cooler, but there are three which are mostly shadowed by trees to the side of the yard that are usually kept open. Reading this morning, I looked up for a moment to appreciate the small sliver of view between the trees. Looking through the shades on the other side, I glimpse a muddied image of the morning sun shimmering across the water.

Somehow, the smallest peek of the outside seems satisfactory.

I began to think about those who have seen a similar view of God in their personal lives; a small happenstance dimply reflecting a miracle, the racing of a heart in worship, an inspirational message from the pulpit or view from a mountaintop, the deep comfort that seems to wrap us up tight in our grief…

In such moments, it’s enough.

What if there were more? What if our tiny, happy-making moments aren’t the promised blessings, but rather the teaser designed to draw us in to something more complete, enriching…fulfilling?? Perhaps the shimmering shards of faith and revelation that momentarily inspire, are but mere shadows in the divine plan of God for our daily lives.

Possibly, there is more.

A sustaining and life-giving faith is not a one-time moment of revelation, but must consist of a commitment to daily seeking the works, signs and wonders of an omnipresent God. To believe that there is nothing more for you or I than to merely exist with the occasional connection to our creator, is to maintain that the appetizer is complete without the main course. 

This, my friends, is unsatisfactory – for us, and for Him.

I wonder what would be required to move from a life of mediocrity to a complete panoramic view of a life of passionate faith poured out in front of us daily – a life which brings with it enjoyment, adventure and beauty. 

In John 10:10, Jesus said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

Are you walking in fulness of faith today? Could perhaps just a slight shift in perspective, a raising of the blinds, a movement of your position, be all that stands between you and all God has for you today… 




2 Replies to “open the blinds”

  1. Fantastic post Heather!! With all that life throws at us it’s so easy to forget to open the curtains!! I found myself in that spot, and it took a reminder from Dr Bob this weekend to realize that if I want to hear God speaking to me, I need to spend time with Him! So I’ve started back into my morning time with Him, pulling back the shades to see Him better. Your words are a perfect reminder! Thanks!! Love ya!!


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