There are fewer seasons of life in which our differences are quite as apparent, than in election years. It’s a time when our hearts are more easily shared and division comes easily. As people, oddly enough, we thrive on opposition and eagerly pit ourselves against one another. I’m guilty of it, I am first to admit. There are friends even today whose opinion I would rather not hear even one more time for fear of losing my feelings of “like” for them altogether. Politics, divorce and death – they bring out all kinds of ugly in each and every one of us. I would fathom a guess it’s all rooted in fear – fear of loss, of change, of not having things the way WE want them, control… And yet at the end of the day, there is really only One in control. God. As much as we would each like to think of ourselves as “right,” none of is quite as correct in our thinking as we might think and I would suggest to you that most of us are right on some level. God is multi-faceted and so in His image, we are as well. And the realities of life really call more for the ebbs and flows than a staunch “truth.” What is true is that none of these crucial thoughts, feelings and emotions will make the slightest difference when we reach the end of our lives. However, what WILL carry weight will be how many lives we’ve touched and how much love we take with us to our eternal destination. Take a deep breath, forgive others, put on a position of grace, and remember that we are all His children and all held in His capable hands. Shalom.


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