pour out

As I am writing this, I am exactly 41 minutes and 52 seconds into the video that coincides with a bible study I am working on. About 10 minutes ago, the need to pause and text some words of encouragement to a couple of ladies who play a significant role in my spiritual journey. In my life.

Returning to the message, several more women came to mind, and I again paused, until I realized I was absolutely compelled to begin praying for and edifying every precious name that crossed my consciousness. I realized that as I was getting filled up with encouragement and godly wisdom, it became a burden to share it with as many as I could.

When we pour out into other people’s lives, no matter how seemingly insignificant the gesture, God will faithfully, allow opportunities to be filled back up. Whatever we reap we will sow. I have been so blessed in my life, and the most beautiful thing about the cycle is that the more I give out, the more I received.

Who can you pour into today?


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