This morning I have been thinking a lot about the principle of sowing and reaping. It’s pretty major, actually. If you really consider all that you do, every word you speak and thought you have, and apply this principle to every area of your life; it’s really quite sobering.

Years ago I was in a difficult season (isn’t that just the cycle of life??), and someone close to me told me that I was reaping what I had sown. At the time, I began to seriously question whether my actions had caused that trial or not. Thankfully, God set me straight.

Last night a friend blessed me in an inexpressible way. Actually, over the past two years, I have had support, blessing, favor and encouragement in ways that might absolutely shock you. I shake my head, over and over, thinking about how even in the throws of life’s challenges and disappointments, God ordains relationships and puts people in our path at just the right time. It is absolutely mind blowing.

As I reminisce this morning over my life, I see God’s hand in such an amazing way. I know I am blessed. I know He has always been there. He has literally sent angels in human form to meet my every need and exceed every expectation. Rarely in the way I hope or ask, but always on time.

My heart is to give, and I have sometimes given to the point of lack in my own home. God is not blind – He sees my heart. And He has always shown Himself faithful to water the seeds I have sown, even if they are the tiniest of prayers for another.

Do not grow weary in doing good. Never tire of loving on those around you. Never fear and never doubt that He will always bring your harvest in due season.



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