purpose in the pain

There are days when the strength I have is seemingly insufficient to effectively manage the struggles before me. When even my faith does not appear to be strong enough to carry me through. Often, prayers requests and concerns for others can become such a burden on my heart, that all I can feel is pain.

Others, I might feel out of balance; uncertain of what the root issue might be, or what needs to change, but feeling deeply that something is simply not right.

It’s easy to be independent and joyful when things are going well. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy those seasons of life. But we are not designed to live this life alone; we are called into relationship with one another, and with our Creator. Part of being in authentic relationship is choosing to carry one another’s burden’s.

I remember a conversation I had once with my college pastor’s wife. She shared how she would often become emotional, or experience a pain, and she would begin to pray – not for herself, but for whoever was experiencing true difficulty. Closer still, I have a sister who would often discern correctly when I was feeling blue or sick. Like a “disturbance in the force,” we as Christ-followers are often allowed the insight into the life experience of others. On some level, we truly are all connected.

Sometimes, our temporary pain is for a greater good.

It is not necessarily a bad thing when we find ourselves in need of a power more effective than our own. Prayer moves mountains, moves situations, and moves us towards a deeper awareness of the needs of others. Sometimes, we find our very purpose in the pain…


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