What would it take for you to believe? What would you need to see…hear…experience…to truly believe that God is real? That Christ is with you? That the bible is true and that He has given you everything you need to be successful in life?

That the Holy Spirit was truly sent to be your helper and that He lives inside you even now – breathing life and wisdom into every cell of your being.

There is history. Eye witness accounts. The testimony of your own tongue. the dreams. Moments. Mini miracles. Big ones. But still you wait.

What is required for you to live like you believe? Would you stand on a street corner with a sign? Pray with a broken coworker? Step into each day with gratitude? Forgive that family member or even set a boundary with a friend? Would you consider setting aside your agenda? Love better? Stronger? 

I have fallen away. Sometimes for a moment, others for what seemed a long season of darkness. Never have I turned my back on Him, but I turned my back on me. Denied my value, marinated in loss, defeat and lies … forgot who I am and crushed my own soul as I exposed it to the world without starting my days with prayer and speaking the truth and promises of the Word over my existence. 

It’s time to get real. Raw. As I stand on the precipice of change I am reminded of past seasons where my decision was the same. Perhaps the seasons of the earth speak to our seasons of life – there is no loss as long as what you release in the fall, how you rest in the winter, and what you plant in the spring brings you to a greater summer harvest than the one before. 

From glory to glory. Deeper and deeper we enter into His presence, experiencing His grace in ways not yet revealed. Perhaps we are not behind, but exactly where God would anticipate us to be. 

He is never surprised.

What would it take? What do you need to go where you want to in your faith journey? Could it be? Possibly? It rests safely within your heart even now?

If God is real, let Him be. Real.


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