reaping benefit

Last night our church held a youth talent show and silent auction to raise money for our kids to go to camp this summer. To say it was amazing really just doesn’t do it justice. The items donated were premier, the desserts for the auction decadent and beautifully crafted, and the vocalists simply moving.

Notable to myself, were my son Ayosgi and stepdaughter, Larissa. Both surprised and humbled me.

Larissa had never sung publicly before and aside from a few quiet notes in the car and distorted melodies from the downstairs bathroom, I really had never heard her sing. When she opened her mouth last night with such a unique quality and tone, even in its untrained state, I was blown away. The authentic and raw gift that she has been given is absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t have been more proud of her for courageously sharing her talent with us!

My oldest, Ayosgi, sings and plays guitar on a regular basis for both youth and adult services at our church, but last night I got to watch him sing from behind a piano (self-taught!) while playing the tambourine with his foot. I was so impressed with his desire to try something new – he never stops pushing himself to grow.

What moved me the most about the evening was watching these amazing kids, and reveling in the realization that I have been appointed and blessed to be a part of their journey. It’s such a tremendous honor to be a parent, a stepparent, or even an “adopted parent” to the youth in our churches and communities.

If you have the opportunity today to encourage or edify a child or a teen, please do it. If you see exemplary attitude or work ethic, a positive decision or a notable talent, let them know you SEE them. The rewards of sowing into the next generation are plentiful and worthy of your effort. The person who will reap the most benefit will be you.


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