relationships and doors

It’s really interesting how often people assume things about others without getting clarification. So many times, arguments, hurt feelings and brokenness stem from one person, or both, projecting why they think something was done, or about whom it was really about, and before you know it, relationships are fractured. A simple question, or even a received response, can literally change the course of our most precious resource –


Whether in politics, at work, at church or in the home, it’s extremely easy to project our own personal why, or individual perspective upon another. It’s often been said that there are “three sides to every story – your version, mine, and the truth.” We often forget that people are multi-faceted, and often choose to ignore that most people, truly, are honestly doing their best. Sometimes all it takes is a mere change in perspective to clear up the most heated of dissentions.

Over the years, I have found myself to be less and less easily offended. The more grace people have shown me in my ignorance, attitude or failures, the greater my capacity has been to give the same to others. Life is rarely black and white –  shades of grey are diverse. So often people prefer to be right or to win a position than to find a middle ground, or simply agree to disagree. There is always a compromise for those who seek it.

God created us with diversity in mind – our thoughts, opinions, experiences, backgrounds, filters, emotions – they all play into who we are and how we respond to this life. We are also a reflection of Him. The next time you find yourself struggling with the opinion or attitude of another, try to put on their glasses for a moment. As questions. Seek understanding. And watch beautiful doors open up in your heart. And your




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