rest for today

In the midst of current diverse changes and challenges in my life, time spent in the quiet is absolutely vital to my mental health and capacity to function effectively. This morning’s sun brought with it the warmth and projected hope I desperately needed for today.

After several weeks of time spent on the phone, in email, driving around town to pick up and drop off paperwork, I am now in a holding pattern. Holding patterns are not easy – at least not for me. Were I to be perfectly honest, I relish the opportunity to feel like I am in the driver’s seat – stressful or not. My long list of to-do’s makes me feel like I am viable, important, destiny-driven…

Whether or not I actually am.

In this moment, I am acutely aware of my inability to move forward today in any of the areas that weigh heavy. It is now time to let go, and let God.

So, I practice the art of resting. Resting in the knowledge that I have done due diligence. Resting in the belief that God knows all the things and can and will move when and how He deems necessary. Resting in the experience that God brings ALL things to good for those who love Him.

Life has not brought all roses, but He has never left me to manage the thorns alone. Wherever YOU are in your journey, my prayer is that you might also allow yourself the opportunity to look back and how far you’ve come, and maybe take a moment to rest while you are waiting for what is to come.









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