rub me the wrong way!

Some of the most life-changing conversations that happen in our home occur while hanging out in the kitchen. Whether I am cooking, cleaning, unloading the dishwasher or chillaxin’ with a cup o’ joe, the kids will often pull up a bar stool and the dialogue begins.

Every day with the exception of Saturdays, we all get up early, so I usually like to make a decent breakfast and take it a little more leisurely than the rest of the week. Today was pancakes, and as I might expect, up came a teen (there are 3 of them living here, currently), and the exchange began. Today, we discussed her desire to not get married.

It’s hard for kids who come from divorced families, to sometimes even catch a glimpse of what God’s plan for marriage looks like in action. Media certainly doesn’t help, and with a divorce rate bursting at the seams around 60%, many can’t even imagine what spending your whole life with someone might look like.

This child’s concern is with contention. She thinks there is a lot of arguing/conflict in marriage, which is funny because my husband and I rarely argue, nor do the other set of parental units. If I were to be honest, she makes me laugh because she always wants to avoid conflict… Like that’s possible! We talked about siblings and friends, bosses and coworkers, spouses and yes, children. If we are breathing, we will deal with the occasional confrontation. Certainly,  to live life is to be challenged.

I shared how the bible talks about “iron sharpening iron,” and how when we rub up against a different personality or point of view, it can often cause friction. But, that it can also help us to grow, to be sharpened in our spirituality, skill set, or capacity to relate with others, and can oftentimes be a good thing.

Hang out in the kitchen more. Learn. Let others sharpen you. Sharpen others. Growth is never easy, but always so rewarding.

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