save yourself

I went to college with a heart and a passion to help people. Starting out, it seemed that a degree in Psychology was in my future, but one class in Sociology and I was hooked. Sociology took into account a broader perspective and looked at environmental, cultural, and socioeconomic, as well as internal, factors.

After 4 years in the social services field, I had given a lot of heart, and had lost even more so. It seemed so daunting, and there are simply so very many people who need help. It can seem like an insurmountable problem.

This past weekend, Chris and I spent the night in Seattle, and driving through my birth town, I couldn’t help but notice how very many people were in need of help – homeless, mentally ill, jobless… And we passed several buildings established to house, feed, heal and encourage those in need of a little “extra.” Yet as many of these generous places as there were, the need is still so very huge.

I started thinking about animals in the wild. Ants, zebras, lions, dogs…they all have instinctive processes and behaviors designed to protect and support those who are weak, sick, or injured. These animals know that survival relies on working as a community with no one left behind.

As humans, we can sometimes become so desensitized and focused on our own lives and goals, that we forget that we too, are community, and that when we function as a whole unit, supporting and caring for the broken and in need, we ourselves are strengthened and propelled further on our own journey.

Who can you help today? Where can you give your time? Your extra resources? Would you give up a latte to buy a gallon of milk for a single mom? Perhaps do date night at home and send that money to help build a well, or feed a group of girls rescued from the sex trafficking industry? Share just 2 hours of your month helping a child on Sunday morning feel safe and important in the name of your God?

Let your life be spent well. The life you save could just be your own.




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