security blanket

I carry a small bible in my purse. It was a gift from a lovely lady at church many years ago – she gave it to me when she saw the huge version I was carrying to service every Sunday morning. It is the perfect size for any of my bags and it’s always with me. At first, it was merely because I would forget to take it out for the week, but then there were times when I really wanted to access a scripture or encourage someone. Now, no matter which hand bag I choose, it gets moved over with my other important items, like my license and my lip gloss. It’s come to my awareness that it’s the one thing I would honestly take with me were I to be stranded on a desert island. It’s like my security blanket. The prayer of many hearts is to be more like Jesus, and there is really no other way to grow in faith and godly wisdom than to be in His word daily. And I have found there is really no other way to navigate my day with any sort of peace or patience, without that daily encouragement. There are essentially very few things we need in this life, and I have found that to walk in any form of grace, peace and love at all, time with my God is what is truly required. Try it for a week. Read a chapter in Psalms or a few lines in Proverbs, or the words of Christ Himself in Matthew every single day for 7 days. Perhaps you will find it to become the comfort to you it has to me. Shalom.


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