security clearance

I was talking recently with a woman whose husband works for a government agency. She was sharing how odd it is sometimes not to be allowed into certain parts, big parts, of his life. We pondered at the challenge that can come to being in relationship with someone with whom you cannot share your entire self.

Many of believe that without complete transparency in all things relationship is void of value. It is wisdom, however, to understand the mutual nature and benefit of the relationships we enjoy. It is possible to have a full connection to someone yet still have spaces which are reserved for only a select few. Or, for God alone.

Sometimes I struggle with relationships where I don’t feel there is an equal reciprocity, or when there are things that cannot be shared because we don’t share the same value or processing system. Such connections can feel disjointed or unfulfilling at times, however, when we begin to shift our perspective and understand more clearly the quality each individual relationship brings, we can begin to walk in more freedom in ALL our daily interactions.

Freedom always begets freedom.

You know the saying, ‘some friendships are for a reason, some are for a season.’ Albeit sometimes a painful truth, the trust that we can have in our Heavenly Father lends itself to the opportunity to embrace each one as it is, and release unrealistic expectations placed on those whom we often assign responsibilities they are not positioned or equipped to fill.

Not everyone is meant to gain full access to our deepest spaces.

The other day I had a conversation with someone who was broken because of a lost relationship. It had just begun and ended just as abruptly. Years later her heart still longed to know the source of the friendship’s demise. As I shared the possibility that it wasn’t actually meant for her, that perhaps God was protecting her from heartache or a situation she was not equipped to navigate, a look of relief came over her face.

She was set free from the belief that she had done something wrong or was broken in some way. Some things are just not meant for us.

Allow yourself the latitude to embrace that which is, AND, that which is not. Live in the understanding that God has people designed specifically to come alongside you, and you along them, and that His timing is perfect. As He promises to complete the work in you, embrace that His process is for you as well.

Live in peace, hope and joy today, my friend.


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