self care

The term self care is such a catch phrase these days – trendy, often discussed and honestly a huge money-making opportunity. Many people have strong opinions about what it needs to look like, and many others lament that they don’t have enough time or resources to truly love on themselves.

Today I learned that self care is more about a how than a what. 

Sometimes just sitting is sufficient. Other times it’s staring into a beautiful image. Taking a bath. Lying in the sun. For myself this week it was making an appointment I had been putting off, followed by a bowl of kid cereal because, well, because I could.

It’s exercise.

A nap.

Cleaning the kitchen sink til it sparkles.

Reading a book or taking a walk.

Self care is prayer. A cup of coffee. And extra glass of water after that coffee. It’s the realization that it’s important, and that YOU are important. It’s choosing to value the daily decisions we make and recognize their full contribution to our lives- no matter how great, or small.

Embrace your moments today. Every day.


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