sexy chasms

I always marvel at how we can treat our loved ones so differently from how we would let others treat them. You know, “I can tease my sister but you can’t…: We’ve all done it, and most of us would call it relatively benign.

But what about when that attitude translates to our marriage?

How would you feel if someone hurt your husband’s career? Or tried to steal your wife’s wedding ring? Or even began to attack your child, or try to rob them of their innocence? Most of us would say we would do all we could to protect them, and yet we allow others to attack our loved ones like this more often than we would like to admit.

What about when that sexy coworker tells you a risque joke?

Or sends a flirty response to your email?

I mean, who can it hurt to engage in a little office gossip or “business” lunch just the two of you?

Is a conversation about your personal life really doing any form of damage? No more so than taking a quick peek at The Chive’s singles section and thinking about the buxom blond or muscled male actor while making love to your spouse…

It doesn’t take much, or long, for others to move in and create a chasm. As “innocent” or small as something might seem, anyone who makes a move, intentionally or not, into the space that should only be occupied by your family, that person is absolutely a threat. What strokes our ego will soon turn into a poison that robs us blind. Leaving behind those we love and promised to protect. Even just two minutes ago.

The bible tells us to protect our heart above all things. What can you change today to make sure your family is safe?





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