shock the monkey

I’ve been listening to old music from the 80’s today (difficult to believe how long ago the 80’s really were, I know!). Peter Gabriel’s “Shock the Monkey” came on and I started thinking about the “monkeys” on my back. I am not sure that’s what the song is about, but it’s where my head went…

There have recently been some pretty significant changes in my life, and one of them has been to once and for all let myself off the hook for something I have done all I can to remedy. There have been tears, prayers, conversations, analyzing…repenting, trying new things, setting my feelings aside… All to still not find the resolution I was believing God for.

Sometimes, I think we need to “shock the monkey.”

What is your monkey? What is keeping you from the freedom to just be you? To find your fullness of joy and live your own personal life to its fullest? Where do you need to make a decision and stick to it once and for all?

Free yourself. Shock that monkey.


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