slanders and blunders

Recently, in my quest to pursue more writing opportunities, I have considered watering down my page a bit; appealing to a more diverse audience. Or even, possibly, having two blog sites – one for random musings of the more “palatable” sort, and one where I could dive deep into the spirituality that I am personally experiencing.


I have never been one to sell out before, and the Lord has been nothing but gracious to me and my family. If I were to become easier to swallow for some, I would miss the opportunity to connect with, and encourage, those chasing hard after the life that Jesus has promised them. If there is anything I have learned more clearly in recent years is that those seeking truth will never attack me – it is only those stuck in religiosity and their own need to have “arrived” who have words of doubts or criticism for my journey.

So, I write.

I wonder how we decided that the God who created the entire universe was so finite in His capacity. Why we ever allowed ourselves as His people to shift from a free relationship with a living God who was a part of our daily existence, to confining Him to a time schedule, certain days, communicating within the confines of our choosing – allowing Him to only show up at the pre-assigned time and ultimately silencing His prophetic voice when the sound of the clock thunders…

…When those who claim to long for His power and grace stand with arms crossed at the sound of His Spirit.

I don’t know about you, but I need more than a pre-packaged, overly processed, or brilliantly packaged religion. Please, something other than a list of do’s and don’t’s; judgemental faces and pointless arguments about the non-salvation issues. There is a place for order – as God is a god of order – but I need a messy, tear-filled, gut-wrenching, life-changing, sin-exposing, light-revealing, experience with a living God who knows every part of my being and knows even more than I do, what my life means in the spectrum of this hateful world.

I. Need. Jesus.

Not a man. Not a list. Not another book. The Designer of the universe and Creator of my heart. The One who knows my innermost being and would do anything to captivate my attention. Christians often wonder why they don’t lead others to Jesus – it’s often because they themselves have lost their way in the wilderness of rules and religion.

People know a facade when they see it.

If you don’t know Him, please feel free to ask. Ask away. I don’t want to be marketable, I want to be meaningful. If I die tomorrow, it will matter not how many people liked my posts or followed me on Facebook – but if I leave even one person with a deeper understanding of the Christ that has won my heart,  and that He loves them, too, THAT will make this life worth it.





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