so cliche’

Writing about Valentine’s Day seemed so extremely cliche’, however I think I just might. Just this once.

Years ago, I had fantasies about what it would be like to be married and celebrate such mushy events as weddings and holidays, especially the dreaded V-Day. Oh, how sad it was to be single on such a romantic day…

And, then, I got married.

Reality is a bugger, and while my honey does his best to show me his love on this oh-so-special day, it is absolutely not his favorite of occasions (nor was it my ex-husband’s favorite, or my dad’s…). Ladies – men don’t really dig today, as a general rule. And our pressure and expectations of their performance only enhances the discomfort.

A few years ago I began to focus on my kids on such holidays. Little cards, trinkets and candy to make them feel special. Text messages to friends, flowers purchased for myself… Love is love – there is no need for a certain person, certain gift or one day to define it for us.

Again, cliche’ and sounds like one who is single or (gasp!) embittered… But truly, truly I tell you, ENJOY this day! Enjoy the idea of love, the joy of sharing, the opportunity to bless others… Choose to liken it to Christmas and share generosity and grace with all. Choose a new definition and just enjoy it again!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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