so good

Recently, my 9-year-old and I had a conversation about prayer. She is struggling to know what to say, and doesn’t like praying out loud. This past Sunday I had the opportunity to teach back in kids at church, and the subject was again on prayer. Here are some thoughts…

*When my child asks me for food, she trusts that she will be taken care of. That in turn creates an opportunity to trust as well.

*We are called to train up our children in the way they should go. That includes modeling honor for leadership (they answer to me, I answer to God), good communication (with me, and in prayer), and it’s my job to create an environment where boundaries are clear, and safety (emotionally, physically, spiritually) is established.

*Prayer is conversation. I would not enjoy an endless list of requests, without so much as a thank you or a moment of dialogue that blesses and deepens our relationship. Similarly, God is not a magic genie to whom we only go to when we want what we want.

Kenda got it, and I think my little class did, too. As adults, we can make prayer something complicated or see it as a “to-do,” but in the end, it’s just relationship. And it’s so good.

*If my kids can trust me to do good things for them, how much more can they trust the God of all creation to bring them good blessings and tell them no when He knows that something is not the best thing for them.


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