strategy vs skill

Listening to sports radio this morning, the topic of conversation was of course yesterday’s Super Bowl. The theme was the usage of the available time outs and how well San Fran did, or didn’t, use them. As with many things, strategy can sometimes trump skill.

I actually think this concept applies in relationships as well.

Strategy, at its core, is the road map to wherever our desired destination may be. It is often fluid, sometimes needs to be tweaked, and while some may disagree, more than one strategy can/may work for any given situation.

Sometimes, we can get so caught up in our own personal strategy (“I’ve always done things this way,” or “This is just the way I am!”), that we will inadvertently miss our goal. Often, our desire to use the same road map to success will send us the wrong way altogether.

I think it’s important to remember that life is a journey. Sometimes we need to be willing to grow and change with others in order to keep the relationships we hold dear. And sometimes, we need to be willing to pick up a new skill set when we look around and realize that perhaps our strategy simply isn’t beneficial at all. No matter what you feel you bring to the table, sometimes it needs to be packaged differently.

Use your time outs wisely. Call an audible. And be open to tossing out the old play book and starting all over. It’s now how you start out, but how you finish…




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