Do you ever wonder why relationships end? Struggle with how they end? If you could have, or should have, done something different? I do. One of the most painful and frustrating processes I have walked through is loss of loved ones. Whether it’s divorce, a friend, or family member…and regardless of if it is distance, misunderstanding, circumstances or betrayal…it is never an easy road to walk.

Recently I was talking with someone about this exact situation when I suddenly had a thought. He was saying he just didn’t understand why we were unraveling. Why the relationships were ending, in the light of prayer and attempts to reconcile, when it hit me.

Sometimes in order to shine and be set apart, we need to first be unraveled.

Occasionally I will find myself having to untangle  my jewelry, especially when I travel. Gold and silver chains get mysteriously twisted and tied up, to the extent that sometimes I have to completely unclasp them before they release their messy grip.

So it is with relationships sometimes. When we navigate life and purposefully move in the direction we feel called, our journey can sometimes become halted temporarily by entanglement with those closest to us. It gets complicated and it’s difficult to discern where we begin and where others dictate until we are no longer a single string of pearls but a knotted disaster. To the extent, that we lose sight of our originally intended beauty.

As I have slowly released some of the knots in my own life, I am beginning to more clearly see God’s original design for me. It’s really quite lovely. And the more I unravel, the more peaceful I find myself. No longer entangled in expectations, my vision for myself, and those around me, is becoming more clear.

What has you bound today? Or who? Is it you?? Do not fear in the letting go – it is in the letting go that clarity has her way. And that your design will shine through!




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