stuck in our heads

The other day my 3-year-old stayed dry all night, which of course is a source of great joy for both mama and child during the potty training stage. In my head, a little voice said, “good nights mean good mornings.” It made me chuckle a bit as I have not seen that commercial in an extremely long time, and it struck me how thoughts and ideas, how someone ELSE’s, thoughts and ideas, can stay stuck in our heads.

What is your jingle? What do you think about? What is your first response to stimulus? I know that I struggle a lot with playing old thoughts over and over. The negative ones seem the easiest to believe and the quickest to respond. But for those of us who believe in Christ, our thoughts should be of faith, of overcoming. We should be meditating on the goodness of God, on His promises, on who HE says we are! 

Today I am going to take one “jingle” at a time and reprogram it – come up with a counter-response. It’s time that my thought life lines up with my beliefs and values. I AM worthy, I AM capable! I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me and if it doesn’t line up with what God says about me, I’m just gonna throw it out! 

“Good thoughts mean everything.”


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