superficial things

When the kids were younger, I used to be pretty patient when things would get broken. Even if it was something extremely valuable or sentimental, I would let them know that while I was disappointed, ‘relationships are more important than things.’

Pouring my coffee this morning, I chose a friendship mug that one of my longtime friends had given me for my birthday last year. It’s beige with funky black flowers on it and it reads, “friends are like flowers…you get to pick them.” I absolutely love it, and this morning when I took it out of the cupboard, it felt like a big hug.

Things, while inanimate, are attached to people.

I love to surround myself with textures and pictures – it creates a cozy atmosphere. But more than that, I love the feeling I get when I look at the pillows my stepdaughter and her mom got me… Or the lantern from my mother-in-law… The telescope Chris’s dad got the kids…The great deal I got on those candle holders at a yard sale with a dear friend…When I wear my grandmother’s opal ring…

As I get older, my possessions become more valuable to me. Not because of what they are, or how much they are worth, but because I know now more than I have ever have before, that the loved ones who are attached to those things will not always be with me. They have become precious reminders of the abundant love God has blessed my life with.

We may never have all we want, but we can love all that we do have. Even if they are just superficial things…




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