support and time

“Your fingers would remember their own strength better if they grasped your sword.”

I was watching The Lord of the Rings Trilogy recently and there is a scene in which a king had fallen under a spell; being released by the power of a great (good) wizard. When the fog was lifted, he began to slowly evolve from a slow-minded, cowardly pawn, to the strong leader he was originally designed to be. As he begins to become more aware of his position, he is handed his sword, and the strength of his crafted identity begins to  manifest itself.

Even in today’s society, men need to be challenged. They need to feel honored. Respected. Our young boys need to know they can conquer their personal battles, the mountains of life. Sometimes, all they need is to be handed their sword and be reminded of who they are.

Women, I believe, are similar. Our weapons/tools may vary, but they are equally powerful. For instance, as a wife and mother, I can use my words, my prayers, my support and time, molding the next generation and encouraging the current. My daily decisions and what I choose to speak, directly affect the environment in which my young people are living in. Sometimes, I just need to remind myself of how powerful my “sword” really is!

It’s easy to lose sight of our value. One benefit of community is having others around us who can promote what we do, value what we each contribute, and edify those who have either misplaced, or misunderstood the power, of their own sword.

Won’t you hand someone theirs today? Be the one who helps “break the spell” of complacency and doubt, and empower your brother to remember his strength. As we lift up others, we ourselves will be lifted….



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