sweet spirit …

A sweet friend had to take her little one in to have his tonsils and adenoids removed recently. Even as a woman of faith, there is a dance of fear and faith we walk when we hand over the life of our precious ones to another.

There is no human love like the one of a mother.

That afternoon, she shared a story about her boy in post op. Usually, in such circumstances, parents are not allowed in the room as children come out of their anesthesia, as it can evidently be very difficult to experience. Her sweet boy, though, was a little tougher on the nurses than most, however, and they asked her to come in and be with him.

When she came in, he shared his distress, to which she responded with an offer to pray (he said yes), and then she put on the worship album that she plays for him when he goes to bed. He was immediately calm and the nurses came in repeatedly after, to visit and I think, to further experience the peace that had fallen over the room.

What I found most beautiful about the picture she painted for me is that her child already knows where to go when he is in need – first his mom, and then his God. As he grows older and his own relationship with the Father develops, he will find increasing peace and power in his God. Mom will become a source of friendship and guidance, but his connection to the Lord will become his strength.

Of the 10 Commandments, the first 5 are directives to our relationship with our Creator, but the 6th commandment is the first that addresses our horizontal relationships – “Honor your mother and your father that you would live long and prosper.” – Exodus 20:12. Not only does this directive lead us as children to honor the order designed for us to walk in our own blessing, it is also a call to be more like God as parents, as our children will learn whether or not God is safe, just and willing to parent in a healthy way… 

Or not.

Where is the first place you run in despair? Is it friends? Facebook? Food? Do you respond with words of anger and fear, or faith and hope? As we learn to respond to the challenges and pains of this life from a positioning of worship and trust in God’s ability to meet us where we’re at, so will our children learn as well. Even if your babies are grown, or you do not have any of your “own;” what we sow into our world, so will we reap.

One of the greatest gifts we ever share with those around us, with generations ahead of us, is showing people the love of God, and what a life with Him looks like. When we sow words and attitudes of peace, it extends to our children, and beyond. When the Holy Spirit is invited in, everything changes. 

The presence of His sweet spirit, starts with us.


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