the cancer of unforgiveness

Unforgiveness. Like a slow cancer, it weaves its way into our subconscious, eating at our organs, consuming thoughts and emotions. It robs our sleep. Drains our energy. Dips its talons into our joy and sucks the life from our face. And joints. Ever so subtle, unforgiveness will slowly etch away at our being until one day, we turn around and see that all we had wanted and strived for was made completely out of reach because of one, simple, area of disobedience.

God calls us to forgiveness.

I think it’s interesting that the Word says if we do not choose to forgive those who sin against us, He will in turn choose to not forgive us. Knowing what a great and loving God He is, I can only believe that there is something intrinsically damaging to our relationship with Him that comes as a natural consequence to our unwillingness to release others. Knowing what I do about my own heart, when I hold on to offense, my spiritual walk is challenged, and I struggle to walk in complete fulness of joy and harmony with those around me. With myself.

Forgiveness brings healing.

One of the greatest gifts in my life to date is my Judas. (Refer to yesterday’s post). Sometimes those who betray and hurt us the most are the ones with the greatest impact and influence in molding us into the people we are designed to be. Watching the slow decline in health and stature of those who live in the pit of unforgiveness, has given me a clear picture of where my life will take me, should I make the same decision to hold others in debt to me.

Forgiveness brings freedom.

There are some I still struggle to forgive – after 43 years of life on this planet, one is bound to have more than a few people to release. Some days, it would seem freedom has come, only to have feelings rise up unexpectedly from deep within. But, as with most things, forgiveness is a process as much as a choice. To actively forgive means to sometimes daily walk it out…

Who is your Judas? And how many times will you choose to let them rob you? Once? Twice? Or will you rehearse that offense daily until its consummation steals the very essence of who you are? Release, let go, let God heal, be renewed. It is in your gentle obedience you will find the peace your soul longs for.

Be well.



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