the corona chronicles/abundance

Yesterday wasn’t a great day in iso. It was rainy, work was a mess, I was knee deep in emails and Zoom calls and new school-at-home rhythms, and had more than one unsettling conversation. By the end of the day I was 100% done. This morning I woke feeling still a bit weary and let down.

This morning, however, I ALSO got to experience one of the sincere blessings of this season of social distancing. One of many.

A dear friend and her hubby and two girls cooked all day yesterday for their friends and they delivered it to our front door. So much food, all the fixins, and a sweet note of prayer and blessings written on the bag FULL of food. It was overwhelming, to be honest, and we just feel so loved on. In times like these, we get to see more of who people truly are – more of who we are. People serving one another, speaking words of life and encouragement in social media circles, friends calling and texting to check in on how we are all doing, restaurants and caterers delivering food to hospitals for the staff, individuals sewing masks for first responders, business owners changing their production to make hand sanitizer and making donations to help with all that needs to be done to care for our communities.

It is a beautiful thing.

What are you sharing today? Each of us has a unique gift, therefore a unique opportunity to love on others in our own way. What an amazing opportunity to live our faith out loud – to use what we have to bless others. As a unit, as a community, we are complete when we each share from what we have. May you live in abundance today!


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