the corona chronicles – day 20-ish/course correction

It’s Monday morning and after the email we received from the school district, it would appear we are still planning for weeks at home and there is a little more directive in our strategy. To be honest, we have found a bit of a rhythm at this point and I struggle at the thought of moving things around again. There will be phone calls with the teacher for my younger one and the possibility of some Zoom class meetings for my high schooler. I had already made plans to drive to pick up some things from a family member and will be gone much of the day, so, well, I hope nobody calls today.

This past week we were slated to see a massive wave of sickness, if we were to follow the curve of communities that have gone before us. While we did receive word that there is a plan for the military to begin building a military hospital at Century Link Field in Seattle, and, I am still getting reports from friends about the increase in numbers of COVID patients, things seem to be at a bit of a lull… Perhaps we truly have gotten a bit ahead of the curve, perhaps the storm is still brewing.

From New York we are receiving large numbers of deaths per day, but compared to the standard numbers, they are actually only slightly higher than the norm. It always amazes me how our media continues to put spins on stories in a sincere attempt to inflame and incite. Their parents must be so very proud.

Last week my inbox was full of prayer requests for sickness, loss of work, anxiety…This past few days has remained steady, but there are praise reports beginning to come in and I am so blessed by stories of good reports (no COVID), healings, supplemental work and relationship building.

Reports still conflict with whether or not our president is doing enough. In January when he stopped all flights to China and put together a team to begin to address the potential threat of the Corona Virus, he was being racist. Currently he hasn’t done enough. While no authority on any of this, I have lived enough life to know that this is the standard – regardless of who is in office, we just tend to support our own choice for leadership and throw shade on the ones we didn’t. With so many opinions, articles, commentaries, by private citizens as well as top professionals in the field, the truth to all of this remains cloudy.

And honestly, I am fine with that.

The reality in my household is that we are being super wise, AND, choosing faith. We are effectively taking our situation, the consequences thereof, as well as the blessings, and choosing joy in light of it all. Life is messy; a crisis merely accelerates and elevates our innate response. Whatever rises to the top now is who we are at our core – full of fear, opportunistic tendencies, blame, bitterness, or


What we choose to do with this newly discovered information can either reinforce our current trajectory, or becomes a jumping point for self-evaluation and course correction. And, sows seeds into our own future and the legacy we are building for our children and communities.

Today I am really focusing on the long game. What do I want to pour into this season, to plant, as it were, to prepare myself, and my family, for the seasons to come. As the world spins around us, where will we stand? Where will you stand?


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