the corona chronicles – just a little better

It’s been a bit over six weeks since the schools closed in Washington State. Businesses are closed, people are out of work, convicts in one of our state facilities rioted so many have now been released, schoolwork at home has become a whole new set of procedures as teachers continue to do their best to put into our hands the tools we need to teach our kids, people are becoming increasingly hostile, many are using this time to exalt personal agendas, politicians are putting their strategic gain above the people who pay their salaries and honestly….

I am exhausted.

As a mom, I cannot tell you how many times I have watched the responses of those around me and thought to myself, “where is their mother??” I suppose I should include fathers as well, but we all know that mamas generally set the tone and expectations. It is glaringly apparent at which developmental stages in life some of my peer’s parents simply gave up and gave in. For those who clearly did not receive the lesson about reaping what one sows, it will be a long season of relearning and pain for many as the next generation is growing up entitled to the whim of their emotions, justified in the dishonor of those around them, and completely unable to see past the immediate agenda in front of them.

There seems to be no “and.” Most Americans seem to operate under the misguided belief that one must always stand with an either/or perspective. Digging in heels and defending the deplorable because our party put it into place. Believing that if others believe A, they automatically believe B. Operating from the position of us vs them and completely unwilling to create margin for another perspective. Never before in my 48 years have I so greatly doubted the capacity of humanity.

And never before have I appreciated the forgiveness and grace of God more.

I used to read scriptures about liars and thieves, the selfishness of man, depravity of heart and rot of societal morality, and honestly, just didn’t fully comprehend that the Word wasn’t referring to any more than a select few. So clearly to me now, however, it is all of us. Stubborn, prideful, indulgent … It’s honestly so gross, and I struggle as I watch the world continue to plummet. We have centuries of history lessons, endless learning opportunities, countless books, podcasts and communicators, to guide us into a more altruistic and kind culture, and yet we are.

In the mire.

The most amazing thing to me is that even when things ARE handled appropriately, or the end result is what most of us would agree is a win, we STILL can’t be grateful for leadership or value the absolute truth that we are all struggling together. And have succeeded together. No, America today seems more staunch in its inherent nature to despise and convict than ever before.

I am saddened by this new reality, and yet heartened by those who are choosing to live more boldly in their grace and authority in this time. Those who would choose to finally shed the veil of complacency and truly chase hard after the altruistic and compassionate love of Jesus. Stepping out from behind predictable pews and cozy coffee dates, many are spending hours in the Word alone. Praying. On their knees seeking godly truth and revelation. Serving others. Reaching out in ways they never have before. Connecting with those in need. Lifting one another up in godly admonition. Suddenly discontent with their Christianity being merely a nice weekly addition to their schedule, many are now needing their Christ to be closer than their very breath…

every. single. day.

I am tired. I know you are, too. But my sincere hope is that in and through all of this, we might somehow come out different. Stronger. More centered. Possessing more clarity and hopefully, somehow, more gracious to others. I am not yet certain how, but I can only imagine our Lord, in His infinite wisdom and divine plan, will find a way… For now, I will be grateful for another opportunity to manage this just a little better than yesterday.


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