the corona chronicles – more than a virus

Well, I went to write the next installation of the Corona Chronicles and evidently I haven’t backed up since January so when for some bizarre reason my site crashed, I lost all the posts since the 22nd.


Washington State is now in full quarantine mode – we are watching numbers increase and I am receiving a lot of prayer requests in the area of protection (nurses, doctors, first responders, prison guards) and finances. So very many people being let off for a season. Finding ourselves also in a space of uncertainty, somehow knowing that so many people are in the same situation doesn’t seem to quiet the 3 a.m. voices in my head. I trust God, AND, I am a person of action.

I always tell my kids God blesses the work of our hands, not the ideas in our head.

How much do I need to do? What can I do?

The number of people online is fun. And, overwhelming. I can literally take any sort of class I want to, choose from dozens of podcasts and inspirational writings, and exercise live with trainers, but all I want to do is get really quiet. I can’t seem to find my footing right now and am experiencing input overload. Thankfully, I was just sent some more work – that feels like something I can get my head around.

There is no longer a sense of urgency – it feels more like a standstill. You can feel the tension as we are all waiting. For something. Anything. Those on the front lines are waiting for the waves to get higher, those at home are waiting for God to move, and we are all walking in the full knowledge of the truth that we have zero control.

All we have now are our beliefs.

Many have referenced this season as being similar to the last plague God sent to the Egyptians (no, I do not in ANY way think God sent this). The passover, when God’s people put the lamb’s blood over their doorposts and the angel of death passed over their homes … This, is what I think of. The Blood of Christ over my home and waiting in prayer and hope until the storm passes. It is simultaneously overwhelming, scary, inspiring, hopeful, powerful, and uncertain …

May the blessing of the Lord be with you today – and may the curse of this virus and all the lack it has brought to this world, stay far from your family and resources. May grace and peace and provision be yours. We can do nothing but He can do all things.



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