the face of a king

The children’s ministry at our church is called Lifesavers. Every Sunday, dozens of volunteers share their valuable time and energy, pouring love and faith into the children who attend. It can be a huge blessing, but truth be told, it’s also a huge commitment. People who love on other people’s kids really love the Lord.

One of the things I have begun talking to the kids about when I am in there is reminding them of who they are. When they are unkind or needing to be redirected, we talk about their identity in Jesus. They are Sons and Daughters of the Most High God, designed and destined for great things. Princes and princesses aren’t cruel or selfish, but are gracious and extend God’s love to all they come into contact with. I tell my own children the same thing. We may never do it perfectly, but we strive to do it well.

Call out the greatness in your children. In your self. Your spouse. Raise the bar and lift up your expectations. To the future…


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