the “gospel”

Do you ever read those self-help books? Or magazines? When I started running, I ate up articles that taught how to eat right, train right, and stretch in a way that would lengthen my stride, accelerate my healing time and improve my speed and endurance. As long as the “professional” said it; it was gospel.

I never questioned the information, really. There were some things that I felt didn’t really apply, and always a way to modify whatever suggestion was being made. But, there were some things that were non-negotiables and made perfect sense.

It’s funny what happens when I read the bible, though. There are a lot of suggestions. A lot of “do’s” and “don’t’s.” Paul said “All things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial.” While I believe mostly, that this is true, I can still feel this sense of “ugh” when I am not doing it “right.”

Maybe it’s the fact that there is more on the line when it comes to spiritual things. Perhaps it’s my own “recovering-Catholic” mentality that keeps me all bound up with being “good.” Possibly, I project my own fears at a God who made suggestions, laws, directives and gentle reminders for my own good, and turn Him into an ogre, instead of recognizing my own insecurities and feelings of shortcoming.

It is highly probable, in fact, that God, being my creator, might have some knowledge about what would ultimately suit me better, prevent road bumps, and prepare a smoother course. More so than anything I could conjure up in my limited and narrow mind. Perhaps, just perhaps, He might really love me and want all good things for me. And, even more likely, that He will continue to love me, maybe even pick me up, when I stubbornly run my race without hydrating and fall down…

Where do you need to release yourself? To maybe reign it in? Are you robbing yourself of a spiritual relationship because of your fears of not measuring up? Or, out of rebellion? When it all comes down, the bible is a manual. It is for our benefit. And His love is more than enough to cover the distance. Shift your perspective and allow yourself to train for the real race. After all, it is the “gospel…”



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