the longest road

Do you ever wonder what life would be like had you chosen a different road? Gone to a different college, married a different person? Had more or fewer children…??

I know I have absolutely gone through times of such thought. My husband and I dated our freshman year college then each ended up marrying different people, then divorcing and finding each other 12 years later. We have definitely had that conversation.

It’s easy to wonder. Easy to say “what if?” Our imaginations can take us quickly from what is wrong in our lives now to how great they would be had we made a different decision here, or there.

A recent conversation with a loved one brought about such a progression of thinking, but after they had walked through how things could have been better, I took them now the worst possible scenario had they made the choices they thought now, upon reflection, would have been potentially better.

The response was – “I have never looked at it that way.”

How could you look at something different today? If you really believed that God had your best interest at heart, how could you choose to turn around your thought process or beliefs about your current condition or situation and meditate on how it’s actually beneficial? Or, how God may have actually protected you in the past. OR, how even though you might be walking out the natural consequence to some not-so-great choices on your, or someone else’s part, that God will bring SOMETHING good out of it, because that is what He promises for those who love Him…

Wherever you are today, no matter where you came from, or where you perceive you are currently headed, choose to use a filter of faith and hope, assuming you are right where you should be. The longest road is often the right one, and usually leads us to our divine purpose…




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