the mismanagement of grace

“One of the greatest obstacles to holy living is the mismanagement of grace. To believe that we can live as we please with no consideration of the law is to deny the very essence of Christ’s life and final sacrifice.” – Heather Valeria Eder

Paul said in the New Testament that all things were permissible but not all things are beneficial. Many in the church today not only choose to filter the Bible through their personal choices, but deeply condemn those who decide to live lives instead, filtered through the lens of biblical truth. The result is a culture that screams for grace while it decries the absolute truth that Jesus said he came to FULFILL the law, not abolish it.

While reading passage after passage about temple measurements and generational lineage in the Old Testament can often feel tedious at best, it is perhaps the single greatest picture we have of the magnitude of what Christ did for us – the chasm between where we are spiritually, and where we need to be to be to experience full relationship with God, is insurmountable. Only when we see how far short we truly fall, can we even begin to walk in the gratitude of the enormity of the distance Jesus covered for us.

Do not neglect the weightier matters as the Pharisees and Sauducees did – your heart’s condition and holiness of living are the very freedom’s Christ died for.


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