The Ride of Your Life

I recently had a complete change in perspective on an issue that I have struggled with for quite some time. It’s extremely difficult to put into words, but it is as though the picture has been turned inside out. Or perhaps I have walked from one side of an object to the other – it looks very different. What is interesting about a perspective change is that is can largely affect many other aspects of your life. As a woman, I tend to tie everything together somehow, and emotions and thought patterns are closely tied to circumstances and my personal point of view. When the positioning changes, so does the way I live my life. Literally.

The challenge now is that when my brain goes to familiar veins of thought, I am stopped in my tracks – they don’t ring true anymore. I must now set my thoughts on new things. It feels foreign and not quite like ‘me’ anymore, and I feel as though some other areas of  my life are also in need of redefining. Change isn’t easy, especially when core values and beliefs begin to shift.

I wonder if that is the fear for many people in seeking a relationship with Christ. When we begin to follow Him and His ways, read the bible which directs people down a very different path than most of the world, it can be a distinct challenge to accommodate our new beliefs and filters to an old world view. The majority of people struggle with such change – it’s so much easier to stick with what we know, even if it’s detrimental.

Today, consider where you are in your journey? Is your unwillingness, or inability, to change, keeping you from moving towards your destination? Are you missing out on healing, on peace, or personal growth as you face a change in positioning? Grab a hold of someone who’s done it and go for it. You just may end up on the ride of your life!


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