the right one…

We all like to be right…

I was speaking recently with a loved one, about an experience she’s deeply regretted for as long as I can remember. It’s affected her joy and peace, her relationships with others, and has dominated her thoughts and identity.

As the topic again arose, this time I offered my own spin on things. I offered up suggestions as to what might have happened had she NOT made those decisions. In a way I played devil’s advocate, but from a God perspective, played it out to its greatest end.

Suddenly, something changed and she considered the possibility that she had actually been strong and wise rather than weak. And wrong.

Perspective is a really powerful thing. It can make or break relationships. It can make or break us. I think what is most missed about grace is that it is often readily received but cautiously given. Even to ourselves.

I remember once being told that the struggles I was having with a family member was part of God’s plan for me and my own life. She encouraged me that we are planted in our families, and while every person has free will and can certainly stray from God’s perfect plan for them, He is also big enough to take those misdirections (knowing ahead of time they would happen!) and turn them into character developing opportunities for me.


When we truly begin to embrace the journey, to settle into our situation, and remember WHOSE we are (God’s kids!), it open the door for us to choose to see things from a God perspective – what we look for we will find.

What could you look at differently today? Which broken relationship or mistake could you choose to embrace? What person has harmed you that you could consider forgiving? Or (gasp!), even exonerating as your own misinterpretation? How would your life be different if the journey you’ve traveled suddenly became the “right” one….



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