the insignificant

Yesterday kicked off my journey back to health. Before and after each of my babies were born, I worked out faithfully – with the last two, up until literally the days before they were born. But after number four, I never quite got back to the gym, as the weight of life’s challenges took a dramatic turn. My emotional health began to plummet, and even when I would excitedly start a new plan of action for my desired fitness level, the struggle to even breath some days pushed exercise to the back burner.

Being a runner at heart (and back in the day, in practice), I understand the vitality of a consistent deep stretching regiment for my body, so I started yesterday off with a pilates class, followed by some time in the sauna to detox. I had only ever done yoga before, and the class seemed a little tame. The moves were small and slow; really quite benign. Being so stiff, it was still a little effort for me, but I wondered if at the end of it all, I had actually accomplished anything of value.

This morning, I am no longer wondering.

I am sore, and there are muscles I don’t quite remember really using yesterday that are joyfully screaming to me that they, too, experienced the burn yesterday. Oddly enough, I am also anxious to get back. The passion is ignited, and it’s on. Oh yes, it’s on now!

From a spiritual perspective, we often can experience the same lax in connectivity between our daily activities and what we are trying to accomplish. Our 5-minute devotional seems insignificant in the busyness of the day…time praying at bedtime seems more like a game of tug-of-war…our consistent reminders to do good unto others and to have a heart for one another seemingly fall on deaf ears…our own choices are glaringly less than lovely and we find ourselves repenting more than praising…

But in time, the fruit of our daily decisions, no matter how seemingly insignificant, become the big things. Evidence of our efforts begin to unfold in compliments from other parents about our child’s behavior, a scripture comes to mind when praying with a friend, our husband notices a more peaceful atmosphere at home, your 6-year-old says, “Wow, mom, God just really blessed us!,” over a seemingly small thing…

When we ourselves pay attention to the little things, we begin to see God in everything!

Whatever you do today, do it with a heart for more. More wisdom, more love, more power, more peace, more of God. The tiniest of shifts can bring the greatest of blessing…


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