the truth shall set you free

Getting ready this morning, I looked down at my arms and was thinking they looked rather slender…until I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror. It was there that I got a little different perspective on what age and life without consistent exercise has done for my chicken wings. Can I tell you I was a little disheartened?? It made me think of times when I have really needed to look at myself honestly, but while I was looking AT myself, I may not have really been looking from the right angle. Oftentimes, when soul-searching, we can tend to compare to others – we figure as long we aren’t doing such-and-such or we aren’t like so-and-so – we are still okay. But when we take our lives and measure them against God’s best plan for our us, THAT is when we are able to get a more accurate reflection of what we are really working with, and how far we might really be needing to go to get to where we’ve been called. A true evaluation of ourselves is never easy, but is far more rewarding than walking behind a mere shadow of reality. Only in truth and honesty can we move forward and begin to self-actualize. It’s where authenticity reigns and fullness of life thrives. Today, challenge yourself to put your heart, motives and choices in front of Jesus. You might not be initially excited with what you see, but there is great hope in knowing that no matter where we start out, the truth will always set us free…


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