the value of rest

Waking up this morning, thoughts of sadness and appreciation for our troops, both lost and still serving, are mingled with the sheer contentedness of a cup of coffee, my computer, and nowhere to be. At all.

Lovely, she sighs….

Then I open my email and there is an ad for a pretty decent deal at Target. Today only. Suddenly I feel like I might miss something if I don’t make sure I get up there and take advantage of it. My mind goes to my basket of coupons and I begin to formulate a plan to go and return with a victorious bounty of great deals.

There goes my peace.

Fasting Facebook this past week has revealed to me just how addicted I am to social media. To being connected. Now that there is no Facebook, I compulsively check my email…watch for my turn in Ruzzle and Dice… And while social media and games and gadgets are amazing, I think we can sometimes allow ourselves to be robbed of significant moments in our lives. Moments when our brains turn off. Our hearts open up. God can speak. We can HEAR Him speak. Dreams and ideas are born. Healing occurs…

God Himself saw the value of rest at the end of a busy week of creating. The bible tells us He rested on the 7th day, once He had deemed His work as “good.” We are afforded many things in this life, and so much of it is good. But we shouldn’t forget that active, intentional rest is needed as well.

Enjoy your holiday!



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