timing is everything

Years ago someone very close to me lost a loved one to a tragic and unexpected accident. It created a pretty significant chasm between he and God, and the grief process was a long one for him. At one point I gave him a Jeremy Camp cd. He’s a Christian artist who lost his first wife to cancer at a young age, and early in their marriage. I believed Jeremy’s songs and personal journey would be beneficial to my dear one.

Some time later, my friend came back to me, and let me know about the personal journey of this artist and to be honest, I was a little irritated as clearly I had not been heard when I first explained the significance of my gift. Recently, a similar situation happened, only I have learned something that gave me far more grace.

Timing is everything.

In my own life, I know there are seasons of growth, of reaping, harvesting, lack and blessing. Lessons come in their own time, at the appropriate time – when God knows we are ready.

Every good thing we share with another person has the opportunity to grow and come to its fullness when the time is right. Whether it’s in that moment when a much-needed word of encouragement lifts their spirits, or at a later time when what has been spoken blossoms into fullness of reality.

Plant, plant, plant. Invest in others and allow others to invest in you. God brings to fruition that which we need, when the time is right.


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