to me…

I spend a lot of time noticing the world around me. Being obsessed with Facebook, I spend what little moments of freedom I have, getting caught up on what my friends are doing. Glancing out the window, I watch the ebb and flow on the mountains around us. I wonder about the cars driving by, and people I pass at the store. Reality shows and sporting events capture my attention and I am taken in by the constant activity this world provides…

In the quiet moments, which seem so infrequent these days, it is becoming increasingly obvious to me that less and less of my time has been spent on evaluating what is going on INSIDE of me.

Recently, I’ve been working on the next level in my coaching certification and have been forced to do some pretty heavy duty work on self. One of the most glaring observations I’ve made is that somehow in the journey, I have gotten off track, and my life-choices are not all lining up with my core value system. In the midst of the chaos and noise, the busyness of life, a wrong turn has been taken, and I am not on the path that leads to where I’m designed to go.

I’m intentional in my work. In my parenting. My relationships. But somewhere along the way…I forgot about me.

Looking forward, I am excited for a new year. Of course, a course-correction can happen at any time, but there is something powerful about a definitive start date. Something compelling about closing the door to one season and being able to say, THAT day, is the moment that my life was redirected.

These last few days of 2015, I am preparing for my journey. Just like packing, planning and shopping for a trip, I am making adjustments, putting systems in place, and grabbing my “map” to make sure I am all ready to run into the new year. Still uncertain as to what exactly it’s all going to look like, and some of the minutia of details, I am confident that as long as I’m moving forward, God will redirect as needed.

It’s time to slow down, listen well, enjoy the scenery…and the journey…to me…




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