Working through my bible study this morning, I was challenged to remember a time, and give an example of a situation from my past that would be similar to what she was talking about. I do know that I understand the principle, and that I have experienced it, but I simply could not drudge up any sort of specific memory.

It struck me how often seasons and situations of life, that in the moment seem so crucial and life-altering, can fade with time. As we go through life, our brain seems to have its own, and distinctly individualistic, approach to determining what it deems important to retrieve. The strength of the emotions related to the memory, and sometimes their absence, can greatly take over, and only a clear reminder will stir it up again.

Whether we want it to, or not.

If we are the sum total of our experiences, perhaps we do not always need to recall specifics. Our minds are designed to protect us. Sometimes it is the work of the Holy Spirit, and sometimes, truly, I think we forget because we learned the needed lesson, and don’t need to revisit old haunts that may redefine things now, that don’t require, or would be damaged by, redefining.

I was challenged a few weeks ago to remember a situation that I was witness to. After nearly 20 years, it was so foggy I wasn’t certain if it was my memory, or merely a reflection of the shared stories of others present at the time. Whatever purpose it may have served in my own journey, it was no longer useful to my brain, perhaps never to be retrieved. However, to the person wanting to discuss it, there was clearly a great deal of value to them and their own personal journey.

We are all working out our own stuff in our own way, in our own season, and in God’s perfect timing.

The beauty of a life with God is that no matter where we are, or what we do or do not remember…what we do or do not experience or share in, we can be confident that it is all in His plan, His timing, and for OUR benefit. While I may have 44-some odd years of experiences, only that which brings value, healing or clarity, will remain in the forefront of my mind until it is resolved. Or until I am.

I think what I am saying is – trust the process. In everything. Don’t be frustrated when you can’t remember something, if you keep reliving something, or if you simply can’t make sense of where you are today. Wherever you are, give it up to God and remember that His Word promises to work ALL things to good for those who love Him. Walk in TODAY and know that for right now, everything is as it should be.



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